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Join us for a webinar on October 10th to discuss the state of climate education around the world with speakers from UNESCO, UN Climate Change, European Commission, the UK Department for Education, #climatechange #education #webinar # and EARTHDAY.ORG! We believe the key to tackling the climate crisis is ensuring everyone has access to quality climate education and this is the message we're delivering to world leaders at #COP27 as part of the #RunningOutofTime relay.

Date and Time:

Monday, October 10, 2022, 9:00pm

Registration Deadline:

Saturday, September 10, 2022, 10:44pm

Illustration of European and North African countries with pink trail markers dotted, starting from Scotland and criscrossing its way down and to the right to Egypt

The extraordinary 7,200 km non-stop relay from Scotland to Egypt carrying a climate change message from young people to the decision-makers at COP 27. The impact of climate change on our planet will be felt most by our youth and future generations. Their collective voice needs to be heard. We aim to deliver their message, held within the relay baton, with so much support that it is impossible to ignore!

A smiling Black woman holding a camera in a park
Moderator Endorsed: Global EE

FEE Environmental Journalism (Photography, Writing, Videography) courses are open for registration until Monday, June 20th. Based on the Young Reporters for the Environment four-step methodology, these courses are a great way to learn about how you can use journalism to raise awareness of environmental issues in your community! If you would like to enroll in an Environmental Journalism course, please use the enrollment key: Summer2022!

Date and Time:

Friday, May 20, 2022, 8:00am

Registration Deadline:

Monday, June 20, 2022, 8:00am

Webinar: Tourism - a force for biodiversity

Green Key is an award for hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, holiday parks, conference centres, restaurants and attractions worldwide. Green Key International is planning a series of webinars devoted to spreading knowledge about synergies between biodiversity protection and the tourism sector. The webinar will share best practices from the Blue Flag and Green Key Network.

Case Studies on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

Preparing younger generations in Africa and worldwide is fundamental for building a climate-resilient future. Education encourages people to change their attitudes and behaviour and enables them to be part of the solutions, while also empowering them to make informed decisions. Climate change education in classrooms helps young people understand the impact of global warming and learn how to adapt to climate change, and can motivate young people to take action.


Teachers Have Their Say: Motivation, Skills and Opportunities to Teach Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship

Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation
Webinar on Adaptation and Climate Resilience in Schools and Educational Settings

This webinar showcases how student-led climate-resilient projects are integrated within the education system adopted a holistic approach and demonstrated adaptation action at the community level.

Whole School Approaches to Sustainability: Exemplary Practices from around the world

A Whole School Approach (WSA) provides a framework for re-orienting and redesigning education considering emerging global sustainability challenges. It invites a holistic, systemic, co-creative and reflexive effort by all stakeholders involved in education to meaningfully engage students in complex sustainability challenges. This report provides an analysis of practical examples of the use of a WSA to help achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - Quality Education for all.


The course introduces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – the set of globally recognized goals that aim to secure a sustainable, peaceful, prosperous, and equitable life on Earth for everyone now and in the future by 2030. Yes, the SDGs are indeed ambitious and need the participation of all of us! That is also why this course will provide teachers with specific ideas for how they can get involved and help achieve these goals through their school and the local community.


In line with FEE’s GAIA 20:30 strategic goal of protecting global biodiversity and as a proud Supporting Partner of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, this year’s #GlobalActionDays campaign invites you to participate in small, positive actions, or #handprints, that protect, restore and celebrate global biodiversity.