From Anecdotes to Evidence: 
Demonstrating the power of environmental education


eeWORKS is a partnership between NAAEE, Stanford University, the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. EPA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and other respected organizations and institutions to coalesce the EE research base, initiate widespread communication about the value of EE, and increase investments and support for the field.

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Completed Research & Tools

The Benefits of Environmental Education for K–12 Students

Outcome area: K–12 Students. How can and does EE contribute to outcomes for K–12 students, in terms of increased knowledge, critical thinking skills, civic engagement, and other outcomes of interest in EE?

Research effort & result: Analysis of 119 peer-reviewed studies published over a 20-year period

Research/Communications team: Stanford University (research); NAAEE (communications)

Identifying Effective Climate Change Education Strategies

Outcome area: Climate Change. What educational strategies help create effective education to address climate change? What is the role of outreach in helping communities (with a focus on adults) adapt to climate change?

Research effort & result: Analysis of 49 studies focused on assessments of climate change education interventions

Research/Communications team: University of Florida (research); NAAEE (communications)

three young kids painting birdhouses outside

The Benefits of EE and Nature Connections in Early Childhood

Outcome area: Connecting People to Nature. What is the role of EE in early childhood development and connectedness to nature? How does nature connection influence health, stewardship, creativity, and other areas of human and societal development?

Research/Communications team: Stanford University (research); NAAEE (communications)

The Impact of EE on Conservation and Environmental Quality

Outcome area: Conservation and Environmental Quality. How does EE support conservation outcomes, and how does EE influence the quality of the environment?

Research/Communications team: Stanford University (research); NAAEE (communications)