"Animals at Risk from Climate Change" : Poster and Presentation


"Animals at Risk from Climate Change" is a comprehensive resource that presents a succinct overview of the fundamental impacts of greenhouse gases—the causes, effects and risks of extinction to all forms of life on the planet.

It is available as either a full color wall poster or a 70 page downloadable hi resoultion PDF that functions as both a carefully sequenced slide show and a set of printable handouts.

"Animals at Risk from Climate Change" features 25 animals selected for their vulnerability to climate change.  The complex interaction of biological traits and environmental conditions that cause a species to be susceptible are made simple and understandable through illustrations, key graphics and brief explanatory text. Rigorously annotated to reliable sources, this resource is a valuable, timely and relevant educational aid.

"I am astounded at how awesome this poster is!  The presentation is extremely valuable for my work and teaching....You present some of the findings better than I have in the original study. This is a very meaningful contribution." ~ Wendy Foden, PhD; Chair: IUCN Species Survival Commission's Climate Change Specialist Group

"Brilliant! As a start, every high school science classroom should have a copy of this resource."
~ Dr Tara Martin, UBC professor, IUCN Species Survival Commission's Climate Change Specialist Group

"The poster does a great job of condensing scientific information into a fluid visual and communicating the effects of climate change..." 
~ Audubon Restoration Program Manager

"This is a beautiful poster! Anything with wildlife will garner attention by people of all ages, and I wholeheartedly commend the support given to those who do not have ready access to the internet. I tend to like big picture views of the world around us—the facts rather than splintering issues."
~ Environmental Education Outreach Co-ordinator