Climate Change and Me!

White background with gray text that says, "Climate change an me" next to an illustration of Earth sweating with a thermometer indicating heat rising

Illustration of the Earth's atmosphere Nature-Action Québec is pleased to present the project "Climate Change and Me!" We are proud of this new initiative, which aims to increase knowledge and encourage young people to learn about various phenomena related to climate change.

We hope these capsules will teach you more about climate change and positively influence your lifestyle to help reduce greenhouse gas production and limit climate change.

We also offer four bonus scientific experiments in addition to the multiple experiments that are found in the videos and that you can redo at home. You can even test your new knowledge by answering the three questions available after each episode!

Ready to discover how you can protect the planet? Let’s go!

White background with gray text that says, "Climate change and me / Thank you to our partners"