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Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation
Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation
Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation
Moderator Endorsed: Research & Evaluation
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So many people have been inspired by Richard Louv's Last Child in the Woods (which is another a key resource in early childhood environmental education!) for a variety of reasons. I think one reason the book has sparked so much interest is its extensive use of research to back up its central argument that children are suffering from a lack of nature. The eeRESEARCH database is a collaboration between NAAEE and the Children & Nature Network, an organization launched because of Last Child in the Woods. The database puts all of that research, and much more, at your fingertips so you can use it to make the case for early childhood environmental education.

A Library of EE Research at Your Fingertips!

Whether you’re a program developer, evaluator, researcher, or funder, eeRESEARCH can help you find resources to support your work and improve practice! 

Every day, new and exciting research is published about environmental education and connecting people to nature. Unfortunately, many of these articles, which are full of insights about the field, are hidden behind a firewall and only available to those who have special access. But now, thanks to a generous grant from the Pisces Foundation and support from ee360, NAAEE and the Children & Nature Network have created eeRESEARCH—an exciting online library of more than 1,000 research summaries and syntheses, as well as a number of open-access articles.

Now, you can browse the combined research collections of both NAAEE and C&NN in one user-friendly platform. And for more detailed searches, you can use a variety of tools to help you narrow your search to the topics, authors, or focus areas that interest you. The goal in creating this library is to help everyone in the field find resources to support their work and to improve the link between research and practice.

As new studies are published, we will continue to add more articles, summaries, and syntheses to expand the library and provide access to the latest research. Stay tuned! Learn more about NAAEE’s research initiatives on eePRO, and head over to C&NN’s website to check out their research efforts.

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A special thank you to the Pisces Foundation and ee360 for their support of eeRESEARCH. 

Thanks also to our friends at Duke University for helping with the research summaries and overall planning, and to Bill Finnegan at Tamarack Media for building the site and working with all our partners to make it come alive!