Establishing a Nature-Based Preschool

Pro Pick!
  • Fairness and accuracy
  • Depth
  • Emphasis on skills building
  • Action orientation
  • Instructional soundness
  • Usability

As nature preschools explode in popularity, many people are wondering how they can start a nature preschool of their own or bring one to their community. Nature preschool veteran Rachel Larimore is a consultant who helps people with everything from clarifying their philosophy to developing their business plan, and this book puts her knowledge into your hands. If you're thinking that a nature preschool might be your path to offering early childhood environmental education, this is a great resource to help give you a road map to get started.

Cover of Establishing a Nature-Based Preschool


In her book, Establishing a Nature-Based Preschool, Rachel A. Larimore discusses the ways in which an organization can decide whether or not to start a nature-based preschool and how to do it if they do start one. This book demonstrates the benefits of nature-based preschools for students and talks about the growing trend.