Free Virtual Environmental Education Program



Hi guys! I recently created a free virtual environmental education program after putting in over 100 hours of my time. Along with another environmental education activist, I created 18 different lessons on climate change including (but not limited to) the modern-day climate movement and past colonization, displacement due to natural disasters, greenhouse gases, educating females, and aquaponics.

This program is for students in grades second through eighth, but I'm happy to have anyone sign up for it, no matter their age. After putting in hours upon hours for each lesson through research, filming videos, and writing newsletters with supplementary information, it would mean the absolute world to me if everyone could take twenty seconds to sign up. If you could share my post or the link with as many people as possible, this would be absolutely amazing. 

My goal with the program is to educate as many people as possible on the science and social aspects of climate change. In the United States, environmental education is not required in the national curriculum, it is only the decision of individual schools and school districts to implement such lessons. If more people understood the seriousness of climate change, then there would be less misinformation spread about what impact we have to change the outcome of the irreversible effects it may take over the next ten years. With high environmental literacy in the United States, I know that we can have every person work hand-in-hand in saving our planet from another mass-extinction.