Green Actioneers Family Action Guide: a book and family activity program


Over seventy University of Central Florida undergraduate interns and I have created the "Green Actioneers Family Action Guide," (linked here) a 266-page large format print book that includes: 

  • A coloring book for students (and some grownups too); 
  • Relevant word games and puzzles for kids and adults; 
  • Details on 100+ Green Actions for families;
  • Lots of ways to save money and energy;  
  • 120 quotes on the environment by notable people; 
  • A story about diverse families in English and Spanish; 
  • A “Where’s Waldo?” feature as readers find our two little space aliens, Kandou and Kantdou, who were sent from MOUGA (Make Our Universe Green Again) to see if humans can keep our planet in good shape.

Our method of distribution is modeled on Scholastic Books. Families get books at Green Actioneer Family Nights, organized by PTAs in elementary, middle, and K-8 schools. One notable feature is that our book and program can provide a fund-raising opportunity for PTAs or Green Teams. They make a little bit of money when families buy the book, but then they can arrange with local vendors of products and services recommended in the book, to give big rebates to PTAs for purchases by families. We believe our approach, to skip any descriptions of the problem and focus on solutions acceptable to everyone, will allow elementary school families to address what could be controversial topics.

The book will be distributed in a "soft launch" starting on Earth Day, April 22, 2022, in several "Green Schools" in Florida. In Fall 2022 we expect to start a national movement among elementary and middle school students, parents, and teachers.  Copies of the print book are also available at

Why this book?

We all know that we need to “go green” and become sustainable and there are many organizations at the national level that focus on how government agencies and major corporations and big business can save energy and water on a large scale.  But real change rarely “trickles down” from the national level to households, it more often “bubbles up” from individuals and households.  The people who work in these big corporations or government agencies have families and houses and cars and they are eager to help out, they just don’t know what to do.  This book is designed to help with that lack of knowledge.

How to use it?

Think of our book like a “cookbook.”  You don’t cook everything at once.  You start with a simple recipe and if that works out, you try another.  Do the cheap and easy stuff first and work your way up to the more expensive or difficult tasks as time goes by.  Let your friends and neighbors know what you are doing and share your success in person and on the internet.


At Green Actioneers Family Night we’ll help you to form a Green Team for the school or we’ll get volunteer parents to join your existing Green Team.  The focus is not primarily on the school building and grounds but on the families who come and go from this school and the surrounding community. If you have a Green Team already, just keep it going, but if not, we’ve arranged with two national organizations to help you get and stay focused – Green Team Superheroes and Navigator Scouts.  After this first event schools hold additional events for families who missed out on the fun and get books into their hands!

Please scroll through the book which is linked here.