Green Jobs Youth Personality Quiz


Project Learning Tree (PLT) has launched an interactive quiz that allows youth to answer a few simple questions online and receive recommendations for a rewarding green career path that suits their personality. 

Try the quiz yourself at

Educators can administer this quiz to youth they work with by purchasing a set of 30 codes for $2.99 from Each student will enter their unique access code at and receive their results in real time on-screen. Educators can access results for all their students/learners through their “dashboard” on their account.

The personalized career reports are a great way to start a conversation! Additional resources to support the Green Jobs Quiz include Career Facts for these jobs, a STEM skills self-assessment, and more.

Learn more at: 

Questions? Contact Vanessa at

Looking for more resources to make this part of a larger lesson about forestry and conservation jobs? Our Green Jobs: Exploring Forest Careers Guide includes four hands-on instructional activities that help youth research different forest sector careers to learn what it takes to perform these jobs, and practice managing and monitoring forest resources. Designed to be flexible, the activities can be used as individual, stand-alone lessons, or all together as a cohesive unit of instruction.