Green Schoolyards America's 2018 Living Schoolyard Activity Guide

Image of two book covers - International School Grounds Month Activity Guide, two colorful silhouettes of children playing, Living Schoolyard Activity Guide, a stylized tree with two silhouettes of children playing
Activity Guide Cover Images

Announcing Green Schoolyards America's new (free!) 2018 Living Schoolyards Activity Guide! Together with its companion international Guide, the 2-book set contains 235 activities from across the US and the world, designed to help you take students outside, especially in urban environments! The guides are appropriate for ages 3-18 and are full of cross-curricular activities that enhance and promote play, learning, health, outdoor connections, and community. They also contains great background information on the green schoolyards movement, the benefits of taking kids outside, and how we are working to shift the norm of how schoolyards are designed and used. The PDFs are FREE!! Check them out and download your copy today (link below). Please share!