Making Shift Happen: Designing for Successful Environmental Behavior Change

Moderator Endorsed: Conservation & Behavior Change
Moderator Endorsed: Conservation & Behavior Change


The changemaker's guide to catalyzing environmental behaviour change for a healthy future

To tackle our urgent environmental problems and achieve positive, durable change, we must design solutions based directly on how people think, make decisions, and act.

From hotels that save water and money using simple signage to energy suppliers that boost participation in renewable energy programs through mere enrollment form tweaks—shifting the behavior of millions for the better is possible.

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If you are working on anything that aims to change people's actions or beliefs – from your stakeholders to corporate leaders to policymakers, or even your friends – then Making Shift Happen is the perfect resource. It lays out all the tools needed for behavior change at any level of a system, illustrated through case studies that show the real-world potential of behavioral science for a variety of environmental issues, from saving energy to reducing plastic use to encouraging sustainable transportation.

The authors are offering free webinars in April and May to share more about behavior change, the major barriers that stop us from achieving the behaviors and actions we seek,  and how other organizations have shifted people toward sustainable behaviors by applying the principles laid out. To learn more about the book, webinars, or myriad behavior change training visit the Root Solutions website