Multisolving with the FLOWER Model

Moderator Endorsed: Climate Change Education
Moderator Endorsed: Climate Change Education
A graphic of a flower with different colored petals

The Framework for Long-Term, Whole-System, Equity-Based Reflection (FLOWER) can help the groups you work with map the multiple benefits and equity implications of projects that interest them. The FLOWER diagram can help explore what co-benefits are created by a solution and how equitably those benefits are shared. Each solution or idea is evaluated with the following set of criteria: biodiversity, climate protection, health & well-being, food & water, energy & mobility, resilience, jobs & livelihoods, and connection. 

The materials in this packet (link starts a download of a compressed folder) support educators and leaders using FLOWER with groups of participants online. In the packet, you will find a facilitator’s guide explaining how to set up and lead the FLOWER exercise, a slide deck you can use to introduce multisolving and FLOWER, and participant instructions for working with FLOWER in break-out groups online.