NAAEE Higher Education Self-Study Audit Application Forms

Moderator Endorsed: Higher Education
Moderator Endorsed: Higher Education
NAAEE Accreditation

NAAEE's Accreditation: Distinguished College and University Programs provides a means for recognizing institutions of higher education that provide programs that prepare high quality environmental education professionals. 

Applications for accreditation are based on a Self-Study Audit organized around three major sections:

Section I.     Cover Sheet 
Section II.    Program Data 
Section III.  Alignment with NAAEE Guidelines 

It is essential that the Self-Study Audit describe the program and how it addresses each of the six Themes included in the Professional Development of Environmental Educators: Guidelines for Excellence in terms of program design and participant assessment.

Because accreditation examines both how the program design is aligned to the Guidelines Themes and how program participants are assessed against those same Guidelines Themes, you will need to provide assessment data for at least two years. New programs should wait to submit their Self-Study until they have at least two years of assessment data. If more than one program is being submitted for accreditation, a separate application should be made for each program.

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