NCATE Standards for the Initial Preparation of Environmental Educators (2007)


NOTE: NAAEE was a member of NCATE, now called CAEP, from 2002 to 2013.

Downloadable Copy of the NAAEE Standards

Instructions and Forms

Option AProgram Report Form and Instructions

Option BProgram Report Form and Instructions

Option CProgram Report Form and Instructions

Reviewer Rubric

Your program report, including the assessments and data presented, will be scored by a team of NAAEE reviewers.  They will use the following rubric as a guide to determine if each NAAEE standard has been met, met with conditions or not met.  

To better prepare your program report, it is suggested your review this rubric:

Instructions for Submitting a Program Report

NCATE has provided detailed instructions for completing your program report:

How the Standards were Developed

For More Information: