New from NSTA: A Comprehensive Curriculum to Help Middle and High School Students Investigate Climate Change

Book Cover for Understanding Climate Change
Understanding Climate Change

Teachers can engage their students in one of the hottest topics in science with Understanding Climate Change, Grades 7–12. The NSTA Press book offers both extensive background and step-by-step directions for using three-dimensional instructional methods to explore this complex subject. Based on what they learn, students can use critical thinking and analysis to draw their own conclusions about what should be done.

Understanding Climate Change is structured as a nine-session module that builds a conceptual foundation without risking information overload. It’s designed with the Learning Cycle and the BSCS 5E Instructional Model in mind. The module starts with an in-depth look at sources of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and the greenhouse effect. It then addresses misconceptions about climate change; an entire session is devoted to evaluating information to see if it’s accurate, verifiable, complete, and from a reputable source. Then the lessons prompt students to conduct their own scientific research, discuss ripple effects, and examine solutions.

The book is easy to use even for teachers with no background in climate science. The module fits easily into a middle or high school curriculum while addressing the Next Generation Science Standards. The material can be covered in three or four weeks or used in part to supplement an existing curriculum.

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