Place-based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities, With Index 2nd Edition

Pro Pick!
  • Fairness and accuracy
  • Depth
  • Emphasis on skills building
  • Action orientation
  • Instructional soundness
  • Usability

Really any title from David Sobel is great reading for anyone interested in early childhood environmental education (he has inspired so many educators over the years), but I like this one because I think it's really at the heart of what environmental educators working with people of any age are trying to do: connect people to the places where they live so they can enjoy and protect them for a lifetime.

Cover of Place-Based Education


In the 2nd edition of his book, David Sobel looks deeply at place-based environmental education, citing research and anecdotes. He shows the importance of tying together the community and environment with the school setting as a way of enhancing student learning.