Podcast: The Inflation Reduction Act Does Adapt to Climate Change with Dr. Jesse Keenan

Photo of the Washington Monument in the background with a semi-transparent white overlay in front with white text on the left and a profile photo of a man in glasses on the right. The text reads, "The Inflation Reduction Act Does Adapt to Climate Change"

In episode 171, Dr. Jesse Keenan of Tulane University returns to discuss the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act and how adaptation and resilience are built into the legislation. We discuss the misleading adaptation coverage in the media and why the Act represents a significant investment in climate resilience. Jesse takes a deep dive and explains how adaptation is built into tax policies, clean energy credits, community investment and much more in the legislation. Joining the podcast in a bonus interview is Samantha Medlock, the Senior Counsel for the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis where she explains what’s next for adaptation legislation in the U.S. Congress.