Our Partners

NAAEE is proud to partner with diverse organizations from across North America and the world. Collaboration is a cornerstone of NAAEE's continuous growth and development. Since our start over four decades ago, we've worked with dozens of partners—including state, local, federal, and international agencies and governments, corporations, foundations, and other nonprofits, and our expansive Affiliate Network.

Our partners make invaluable contributions to our annual conference, to signature programs such as the Guidelines for Excellence, the Natural Start Alliance, the Community Climate Change fellows, eePRO, and so much more. Each organization uniquely strengthens our collective voice for environmental literacy. Learn more about our valued partners and the many ways we work together to drive excellence in the field of environmental education below.

We're always looking for ways to work with others. We strive to live our diversity and inclusion principles in everything we do and we're always searching for new perspectives and ideas from different voices.

If you're interested in joining us as a partner and supporting our mission, please get in touch.

NAAEE also has a team of consultants on staff available to help you design your environmental and STEM education impact strategy. Click here to learn more about our Consulting Services.

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Sustaining Members are drivers of change whose support enables NAAEE and our global network to cultivate environmental problem solvers – and to engage educators and learners of all ages to find solutions to our biggest challenges.

Affiliates at Asilomar 2018

Since 1998, the Affiliate Network has grown to a membership of more than 56 organizations across North America. NAAEE and the Affiliate Network work together to strengthen environmental education, build capacity, increase diversity and inclusion, and grow the movement.

NAAEE partners with corporations to provide technical assistance on programs to improve environmental literacy, awareness of environmental issues, and promote STEM learning.

NAAEE partners with foundations to champion programs that support a common goal.

NAAEE partners with government agencies on various projects including professional and career development and capacity building for state organizations.

Our partnerships with nonprofit organizations on many projects serve a common goal--environmental literacy.

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NAAEE has Memoranda of Understanding partnerships with several international organizations. Learn about those organizations as well as other partnerships we are building with the international community.

Organizational partner members are nonprofit organizations, government agencies, for profit corporations whose objectives are consistent with those of NAAEE.