Centro de Información y Comunicación Ambiental de Norte América

Progreso 3
Santa Catarina
Ciudad de México DIF 04010



Our vision is to achieve a sustainable society through the promotion of an environmentally responsible culture. 


Our mission is to structure our work to promote the acquisition of knowledge on the environment, the transformation of attitudes, and the development of habits and values ​​that support sustainable development. 

Goals & Objectives

From urban areas and rural, and through communication processes and non-formal environmental education, we promote alternative sustainable livelihood strategies. With our activities we inform people about the environmental situation of the country and the world and the problems we face today. The we sensitized on the delicate balance of life on Earth and endow them with evaluative, cognitive and practical tools to participate actively and responsibly in decision-making and solving environmental problems they face. With our projects we promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences of various social groups to achieve real articulation between civil society, academia, the private sector and the public sector.

Current Initiatatives

We host conferences, lectures, and workshops for a compny, community, or school, to learn playing, and we provide projects and sustainable activities for a better world.

Our services and projects are: 

  • School visits Environmental Culture Center of Coyoacan Viveros
  • Environmental Summer Days Viveros Coyoacán
  • Environmental Days of Summer in the Bosque de Chapultepec
  • Video library
  • Teaching Conference
  • Design and delivery of courses and workshops
  • Design and implementation of Environmental Trade
  • Design and implementation of models and environmental education programs for urban parks, protected areas, businesses, schools and communities
  • Design, installation and advice on green roofs
  • Training in organic agriculture 
  • Botanical Garden guided tours CICEANA
  • Design and installation of organic gardens in schools, businesses, governments and communities
  • Training and advice in ecotecnias




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