Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education

Primary Contact

Laura Downey

2610 Chaflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66502
United States




KACEE's vision is an environmentally literate Kansas citizenry, with KACEE as the recognized leader of the state's conservation and environmental education network.


The Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE) promotes and provides effective, non-biased and science-based environmental education for all Kansans. 

Goals & Objectives

KACEE is a statewide non-profit association of many public and private agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals. KACCE's primary goals and objectives are:

  • To serve as a medium for the exchange of information among member agencies and organizations interested or working in environmental and resource-use education.
  • To provide a medium through which programs may be cooperatively developed to promote and encourage the teaching of an understanding of the environment and responsible us e of resources.
  • To serve through our Board of Directors as an advisory council to the Kansas State Board of Education

Current Initiatives 

  • Develop an environmental literacy among Kansans including:
    1. an appreciation for the environment;
    2. knowledge of the basic concepts of ecology;
    3. an understanding of the social and economic implications of environmental issues;
    4. a positive attitude toward conservation and the proper utilization of natural resources; and 
    5. problem solving skills for responsible decision-making.
  • To encourage and assist the development and use of educational processes by:
    1. providing information relative to natural resources in Kansas;
    2. developing an interest in and appreciation for the natural resources of community, state, nation, and world;
    3. promoting communication among those involved in environmental education through a newsletter, meetings, electronic communications and programs of KACEE;
    4. coordinating the training of environmental educators using curriculum materials that reflect the purpose and goals of KACEE; and
    5. fostering a greater awareness and understanding of the role of local, state, and federal governments in environmental education.

This year we're pleased to celebrate KACEE's 40th Anniversary. KACEE has come a long way from the small advisory group established in 1969 and we want you to help us celebrate! Below find links to ideas for kids, parents, individuals and partner organizations.



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