Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

PO Box 418
Lake Orion, MI 48361
United States



A thriving network of educators fostering meaningful experiences that evoke positive change in our environment.


To support, inspire and empower a diverse network of individuals with a passion for environmental and outdoor learning.


MAEOE is committed to the following core values. These values guide our behaviors, decisions, actions, services, and programming.

  • We value Advocacy for Environmental Stewardship and Education because we believe that through education, personal discovery, and transformational experiences, we can foster a conservation ethic in current and future generations. We are committed to advancing a non-political advocacy platform for our work and to connect people with nature to inspire everyone to be good stewards of the environment.
  • We value Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness in all that we do because we believe that every person has something to contribute towards a better future. We are welcoming and respectful to everyone seeking diverse perspectives, talents, and contributions. By creating opportunities and eliminating barriers for the outdoor world to be accessible to people regardless of their educational, ethnic, or social background, we believe we will have a greater impact on creating a more sustainable planet. We work on ensuring that our policies/procedures and offerings are equitable and available to all.
  • We value Collaboration and Partnerships because we know that no one organization can solve all problems. We believe in the value of creating meaningful connections as a solution to the environmental challenges we all face.
  • We value Organizational Effectiveness and are committed to Continual Improvement in all that we do because we want the best organization and experience for our members. We seek to always improve the way we work and we look through the lens of our members, being open to feedback. We seek new and innovative ways to run our programs and services.


MAEOE is working hard to engage its members and recruit new people to join our family.  As of January 2021, these are the organization’s initiatives (not in any particular order of importance, and there are likely more than this by now):

  1. Engagement: Offering monthly themed virtual events through May called, Tuesdays with MAEOE, that feature two 20-minute presentations from environmental educators in the state.
  2. Outreach: Maintaining our new, professionally created website; sharing engaging, inspirational, or informative posts on Facebook and Instagram sites; and frequent communication among members on the Listserv
  3. Planning: Following a newly formed 3-year strategic plan to ensure we are goal-oriented, efficient, and effective for the sake of the organization’s sustainability
  4. Membership: Working with our JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Committee, we are developing new approaches for recruiting members Certification: Seeking NAAEE accreditation in 2021 and developing meaningful online and in-person experiences
  5. Trainings: MAEOE adopted NAAEE’s Guidelines in 2019, and members are now getting trained and are facilitating the Guidelines
  6. Programs: Promoting and developing MiPINES (Michigan Partners in Nature Education Spaces), a living GIS resource for discovering local spaces that can be used as an outdoor classroom
  7. Professionalism:  Offering our annual conference and associated events; presenting and networking at professional conferences on behalf of the organization
  8. Grants:  Offering two, competitive grant cycles to members each year to enhance their creative efforts to reach their and MAEOE’s mission



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