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NAAEE and Stanford University are delighted to partner with the U.S. Forest Service to demonstrate the impact and value of environmental education through the Anecdotes to Evidence initiative. The goal of Anecdotes to Evidence is to strengthen the field and mobilize support from public, private, and corporate sponsors, by demonstrating the evidence-based impact of environmental education.

A five-year partnership with USFS will assist NAAEE and Stanford in legitimizing the field of environmental education by compiling and articulating the existing evidence that demonstrates impact, identifying gaps in the research database, and supporting leadership development, mentoring, and research in conservation education at NAAEE’s annual conference—initiatives that align with the U.S. Forest Service’s Conservation Education Strategic Plan. USFS’s contribution will also support the development of a more effective communication strategy for demonstrating the value and impact of EE.

USFS has also partnered with NAAEE to provide training and networking opportunities for the development of nonformal environmental education programs.



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