Vintage 1700s illustrations of fossils by Oliver Goldsmith

Have you heard about N*Gen? It's a science show for kids created by a team of teachers and producers in Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya. N*Gen has been celebrated for its amazingly fun STEM content and for increasing representation of African female scientists. Several of their episodes are available online, including this youth-led section on DIY fossils. Recommend for parents, guardians, and educators teaching virtually.

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Coastal Resilience Education Toolkit cover page
Estuary Explorers Coastal Resilience Education Toolkit

The Coastal Resilience Education Toolkit is an interactive learning guide that consists of seven activities, all built on the idea that experiential learning is the best way to build a relationship between students and the urban marine environment surrounding them. These activities, full of games, experiments, and pre-recorded content, can work in-sequence with one another, or stand on their own, depending on the needs and abilities of your students. Each lesson plan consists of an overview of the activity, list of materials, detailed procedures, post-activity recommendations for further learning, and background for educators.

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